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Shooting Random Landscapes

Transitioning from being a hobbyist to a professional (don't consider myself a professional, really just a profession) has left me in a state of fear and asking myself, "What am I doing???" I have so much to

For instance, this picture above was taken, I'm not sure when and I'm not sure where. Note to self, record as much information about the shot one way of the other. Metadata is a start...

This shot was during sunset at the end of Kahanamoku street by the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This was during our annual holiday family shoot and as I finished shooting our last shot, I turned my camera on my tripod towards the sunset and this couple just so happened to be in the perfect place as well as two catamarans out in the ocean right below the setting sun. I really like how it came out.

My wife and I are blessed to have opportunities to travel abroad. It's difficult sometimes to carry my camera equipment because shooting and doing touristy things are two things that I just can't do at the same time. I just happen to shoot this picture of one of the statues on top of the buildings in Venice. Nothing really stood out about it, but it became really interesting after I kept on looking at it.

Being a student trying to perfect my craft, I shoot, shoot, and shoot. Then when looking over my shots, I may glance over a particular one several times before actually stopping and really "seeing" something in the shot.

As you see above, it was just a statue. But then, I paid close attention to his face, the emotion in the face, the intention that the face displays and the way he leans and points. There is something that strikes me about this picture.

Just like art, it's not for everyone, translation is subjective, and everyone makes their own judgement about the piece. Just as I have about this shot.

Talk to you soon...

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